How old are you? 

I turned 25 in October of 2013. I'll be big scary 26 this year.

When did you get married? 

June 23, 2013.

Where are you from? 

I grew up in Western Oregon & currently live around Eugene, OR. I love Oregon.

Do you do anything besides blog? 

Yep! I work in content entry & writing for a digital marketing agency, and I work as a marketing coach for a real estate business. I love my jobs! I also do some freelance writing on the side. Plus I work for my family's logging company as an assistant bookkeeper on occasion. 


When did you start blogging? 

I started blogging in April 2008. I started my first blog, Locked Out, after starting to read Gala Darling's blog. After I found Gala Darling, I started to read a ton of other entrepreneurial, writing-based blogs, as well as fashion blogs.

Why did you start posting outfits? Why did you stop? 

I started consistently blogging my outfits in 2010-2011. I really loved doing outfit posts & it helped me feel more confident & proud of myself. However, after I got my first full-time desk job, I started gaining weight. My happiness & mood snowballed from there. I stopped posting outfits roughly around June 2012 for a variety of personal reasons, but mostly because it was making me miserable. I hope to start posting outfits within a few months -- after I lose a bit of the weight I gained.

So you aren't a fashion blogger anymore? 

I wouldn't go that far! I still wear nice outfits everyday... I just don't post them anymore. (And ok, not everyday. For example, I'm at work in yoga pants and a t shirt right now, don't tell.) Seeing pictures of myself in clothes creates a real cognitive dissonance between how I feel in them/how I look in the mirror versus what I look like through a camera. It's not entirely positive for me right now.

What kind of camera do you use/recommend?

Back when I did consistent outfit photos, I used my Canon Rebel t2i. I still use it to take a majority of my photos today. However, I very often use my iPhone to take quick photos when I'm out & about. I find that they work just as well -- just remember to crop them a bit! I firmly believe that you do not need a DSLR to take good photos. 

So what's your blog about now? 

"Lifestyle." It's a fancy way of saying "a lot of stuff." I post a lot of beauty posts, a fair amount of everyday random posts, and a few serious writing posts a month. I also write about fitness & health, my weight loss journey, my husband, my dog, our home, etc. I don't feel like pinning myself down anymore.

Why did you close Locked Out?

I wasn't happy anymore. A lot of people thought I should have just changed the name. The blog was too full though -- old outfit posts, old feelings, oldness. It just wasn't a good place for me to blog from anymore. I felt like leaving it behind was easier than trying to transform it into something else. Locked Out was a big part of my life -- too big -- and I felt like it deserved to stay where it was, as it was.


How did you get your jobs? 

Legwork! Apply to everything & take every opportunity to shine. I was really unsure about what I wanted to do, but I decided if I had the opportunity to try anything, I should just do it. The average person changes careers something like 6-7 times in their life. It's ok to play around!

I want to start freelance writing. What do I do? 

Write. Plain & simple. Write! Use LinkedIn to connect to other professionals. Demonstrate your writing skills. Mention that you are a freelance writer in your bio. Talk to people about writing. Basically: network. Make yourself known. And write!

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