I'm Michelle. I'm 25 and married to a great guy named Danny. This is me at my wedding gesticulating wildly and clutching my cell phone. I'm super embarrassed by the number of wedding photos where I am holding my phone. I might have gotten an important phone call, you never know, and I seriously had to instagram one more shot of me in my dress, ok? 

I believe in the power of a good book, a cup of hot cocoa, and fuzzy slippers. Downtime is the best time, period, it doesn't matter who you are. I believe in having a passion beyond relationships; I believe my hobbies are the root of who I am and the ultimate guiding force in 'what I want to be when I grow up.' I believe in handwritten letters, lots of cute stationary, and a well-organized desk space. I believe that kindness matters... but so does standing up for yourself. I'm completely and truly in love with my husband, baked goods, Labradors, and Mexican food (in no particular order). 

I no longer believe that anyone can define me except for me: my life is not defined by my significant other, my boss, my parents, my professors, my friends, whatever. I believe we all have the power to overcome the worse parts of life, but there is no point in lying about when things truly and completely suck. I believe that everyone deserves compassion, but sometimes people also need a kick in the butt (myself included). Blogging has given me a pretty big window into other people's lives and I have to say... I really dig other people's worlds, almost as much as I dig my own. 

Mostly, I believe in writing. I believe it gives me a chance to open up my brain and figure out what I really think about something. I believe it helps me release anxieties and fears and stresses that otherwise would get trapped inside of me. Mostly, I believe that good writing is the base of all good business: you can't make a difference if you can't get your point across. 

Blogging is important to me. So is living. So is writing. I'm figuring my life out, figuring out what's important along the way, and recording it here. 

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