Wednesday, September 24, 2014


We planned it for at least a month: the Portland Powell's Trip. 

I'm in a book club at work. We read one book a month and then meet to chat about it -- usually at a restaurant in Eugene. Two of my coworkers dreamed up a fun trip to Portland to go to Powell's and talk about our latest book (Nights at the Circus by Angela Carter). We all agreed and made plans for Saturday, September 20. 

Danny and I decided to drive up on our own while our coworkers took the train. 

We met at Kenny & Zuke's -- a cute little deli bar right beside Stumptown on Stark, barely two blocks from the Best Place On Earth (Powell's). They ask that people not use their cell phones, so I only took one sneaky picture of the menu. I ordered the challah french toast (huge, delicious) and Danny ordered pastrami cheese fries (huge, delicious). We had a great chat about the book and ate a lot of salt and deli meat. 

Then, we walked through the ridiculous 88-degree weather to Powell's. We picked out a ton of books, but eventually, settled on 3 books to tide us over. We'll make another trip later (when we have more money). I picked out The Night Circus (which I've already read, but it's one of the upcoming book club books) and The Best Mystery Stories of 2013, a collection I've been wanting for a while. Danny got Night Film, a book he's wanted for ages. I hemmed and hawed over a decorative copy of To Kill a Mockingbird, a new Murakami book, and several others. Next time.

Danny and I headed out since I was feeling kind of sick from so much challah bread and salt. We stopped and got a cold drink before we left. 

At home, I took a bubble bath and read because after a long day at a huge bookstore, you gotta soak your feet.

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  1. Road trip to visit a bookstore. You are my kind of person:) I read Night Film last year and really liked it. Hope Danny does too!


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