Monday, September 8, 2014

Care Package from Dove

A few weeks ago, I received a DM on Twitter from Dove, asking if I'd like a care package from them. They'd seen an Instagram photo of mine and loved my outfit. I, of course, said sure! I had no idea what they would send, so I patiently waited. Last week, I received my care package. 

Inside was two sticks of Dove deodorant and a green ombre silk scarf. There was also a really nice note and a "summer fashion tip" that kind of made me giggle. Basically, it boiled down to: you should wear deodorant. 

Thanks, Dove! I figured out the deodorant thing around 14 so I think I'm good. 

I started using the Advanced Care stick first (since I was actually almost out of my normal deodorant); I like the Pink Rosa scent a lot. It promises to return your underarm skin to "normal coloration"; I assume that means the deodorant will remove the sometimes grayish appearance you can get from shaving. The deodorant works and smells really good, but I started to feel weird about using something that seemed to suggest it was bleaching my armpits. Still not sure where I stand on that!

The scarf is cute, but not something I would really wear. There is something about it that strikes me as a little "old lady"! I mean that in the nicest way possible. It is just not something I would really wear. I expect it to make an amazing regift. 

I really appreciated receiving this box from Dove. It was nice to receive a package and to get two sticks of deodorant -- I feel like I'm always running out and it's kind of a drag to buy deodorant! 

Thanks, Dove!

I received this care package courtesy of Dove, but I promise, all opinions are my own!

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