Monday, August 18, 2014

Pros & Cons: Forever 21 versus Clean & Clear Cleansing Wipes

I'm not usually someone who uses make up removing wipes or cleansing wipes -- I have always found they leave a residue on my face that I don't love. However, before going to Idaho in July, I bought a pack of make up tissues from Forever 21 for $2 to take on vacation and I started using them, to my surprise, every night. Funny how that works! I then got a free pack of Clean & Clear cleansing wipes. I thought I'd compare and contrast both. 

I've used Forever 21 make up removing wipes before and I wasn't a huge fan of them. You know how I mentioned that film just now? It felt like they left a thin layer of nastiness on my face! They also smelled very strange -- like a hair salon. 

These are different though. I definitely don't love them, but they do the job -- I like them. They take off my foundation, eye make up, and lip stick before I fully wash my face. I also love the new scents! Cucumber lemon is my favorite, but I also like the Grapefruit scented pack. I have noticed an improvement in my skin since starting to use them regularly. 

A few weekends ago, Danny and I ran to Target for some essentials. My usual face wash came with a free pack of these cleansing wipes and I figured, why not? No harm in trying some new face wipes, right? 

The one promise of these wipes is that they don't leave residue, so you won't need to rinse your face (as I often do after using basically any other wipe). I was very skeptical. I have very finnicky skin and I can feel residue on my skin like nothing else. However, I really pleasantly surprised by these wipes. I used them to take off my make up after a long Saturday running errands. I resisted the urge to rinse my face after using it and went about my business. Surprise! My face felt clean and residue free.

The wipe did remove my make up really cleanly -- especially my waterproof mascara and foundation -- and I loved that they didn't leave any residue. However, the scent is that slightly medicinal smell that I'm not entire fond of.

The winner? 

The Forever 21 wipes! While I like the Clean & Clear wipes not leaving a residue on my skin, for me, the win comes down to a few things: 1) make up removal; 2) scent; and 3) price.

Both brands remove make up well. However, the Forever 21 brand has a better scent and a cheaper price tag. For that reason, they're my favorite.

Do you have a favorite facial cleansing wipe? 

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