Thursday, July 17, 2014

TiLT: July 17

Summer is here! As of writing this, I'm in Idaho, celebrating with my husband's family -- his little brother, Nate, is marrying the gorgeous & amazing, Amy (I know she reads my blog & if you follow me on Twitter, you'll often see our hilarious exchanges). This weeks TiLT will be chocked full since, according to Amy, I neglected TiLT last week. My deepest apologies, Amy. #youarethebride 

♥ First up, the amazing and powerful "Try" by Colbie Caillat. If this song and video doesn't make you cry, then you need to reassess your life. So prefect. So beautiful. So needed. I often find videos like these (lots of pop stars have done them) a little hackneyed and fake -- but something about Colbie is so honest and realistic in the first place that this is really, really perfect. On repeat at the moment!

♥ For all my social media obsessed readers, Twitter now has analytics! Did you know I have a 6000+ person reach!? Yeah, I didn't know either. Amazing!

♥ Did you all read the new Harry Potter story last week!? I hope you did. Also, the above tweet makes my day. Harry Potter fandom for life! 

♥ All brands tell a story (and yes, if you're a blogger, you have a "brand") -- here's how to make sense of it

♥ That is the best headline I've read all week. Paula has sold a meager 25,000 copies worldwide. Ouch. #thickebag 

♥ Content is everywhere -- from blog posts and tweets to emails and landing pages. Is yours smart

♥ Tyra Banks says we'll all look like Beyonce in the future. Except, erm, I want to look like me, as beautiful as Beyonce is. 

♥ CollegeCandy's take down of a self-described "fattist" is an amazing read. How dare other people be comfortable in their bodies, when I am so uncomfortable in my own!? #fauxrage

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I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Tomorrow is the wedding and I know it's going to be beautiful. 

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