Thursday, June 26, 2014

TiLT: June 26

Another week, another round of Things I Love! 

♥ I know they're kind of old news, but these photographs of ink in water are amazing.

♥ I love Game of Thrones, but I also love Tumblr's reaction to Game of Thrones. These screenshot of Daenerys with better lines is one of my favorites.

♥ Have you ever thought about citing social media? Well, now it's been laid out for us!

“I will live for love and the rest will take care of itself.”

(Marina Keegan)

♥ I just want to live in this library! That staircase, those lights, those books

♥ This is a really interesting article about sending an email blast to advertise yourself when looking for a job! It's a way to show your creativity, your writing skills, and your knowledge of marketing. 

♥ Have you seen the clip of Mila Kunis telling men what's what (it's your child, not your pregnancy?) I couldn't agree more and Mila is hilarious. 

♥ I love this article about starting a side gig before trying to leave a full-time job. It's one thing to jump into something you love; it's another to give up everything before knowing you 1) love it as much as you think you do and 2) can be successful at it! (Note to all those who want to quit their jobs to blog...) 

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