Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer (Non-Beauty) Essentials

Last week, I wrote about my beauty essentials for summer, but I thought I'd also share my non-beauty essentials. I personally like to imagine summer as the perfect time to relax outside, drinking a glass of your favorite drink (blackberry lemonade, Diet Pepsi, or whatever!) and reading a wonderful book. 

Here are my perfect summer essentials: 

Cupcake liners & baking supplies. Summer = BBQ season... and that means yummy desserts. I like to make special cupcakes (root beer float cupcakes, anyone?), mini cobblers, mini cheesecakes, or cookies for BBQ desserts -- they're easier to eat than a slice of pie or cake!

Yummy candles. I love for my house to smell good -- that means open windows & lots of candles. I love Bath & Body Works candles & their Honeysuckle scent in this year's Spring & Summer collection is my absolute favorite. It's the perfect amount of sweet & floral.

Sunglasses. I would probably be miserable if it wasn't for sunglasses! From driving to working outside, you have to protect your eyes (not just your skin!) from sun damage. I keep a pair by the door, a pair in my car, and a pair in my purse, just in case.

Paper straws. They're so pretty & perfect for adding a little bit of practical decor to my house or a party. They look so gorgeous in a tall vase or a mason jar. Plus, they make any drink (even plain water!) feel fancy.

A good notebook. Summer is all about writing for me! It's when I have the most time to spend outside -- with the long hours & everything. I especially love to use Moleskine notebooks for my journals. I know that's a little hipster & snobbish, but I love to have a consistent look to my journals, especially now that I've worked through about 5 to 6 of these notebooks!

Books! Summer time is reading time! I love to get through my reading list in the summer. Reading outside is the perfect way to relax. In the winter, I like to take bubble baths, but with perfect weather, I like to spend it outside on the porch with Danny & Remus.

What are your summer non-beauty essentials? 

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