Monday, June 16, 2014

My Favorite Summer Fonts

I love fonts! I get a little carried away downloading & collecting fonts. I just love them, though! I wish I was a better artist -- drawing my own fonts is really interesting & exciting to me, but I have a terrible eye for drawing! Maybe someday... For now, I thought I'd share my favorite fonts for summer graphics & parties. 

♥ Bunting = KG A Little Swag*
♥ "Fonts" = Janda Stylish Script
Always Here
Arsenal White
Peach Sundress
Brain Flower

*KG A Little Swag is also available on, which is my usual go-to for free fonts. However, the font available there is corrupted -- it doesn't install properly! This link works much better.  

Do you have any favorite fonts for Summer? 


  1. Hi Michelle!
    Congratulations for your blog that exudes as much freshness and summer.
    Please, I'd like you to exchange your link to fontsquirrel ☠ about the Pecita font. This is an old version of early development that is available.
    Instead I recommend ★ or ♥
    Friendly hello from France,

  2. I love your posts on fonts! While I've never been really bothered about them before, I've starting wanting to actually stop being lazy and try to be more creative, so these will be really useful :)
    Sian xx

    1. Aw yay! I love fonts -- it's kind of a problem! I pin free fonts on Pinterest all the time & I have a handwritten list of 50+ fonts that I want to download. I just have too much fun playing with them! Glad you liked this, Sian -- hope you're doing well!


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