Monday, June 2, 2014

Getting Organized || I Love My Filofax

Patent Personal Organizer in Lemon, Filofax
Teal & Silver mini binder is from Target

I love organizational supplies. I always have. I feel like I make myself unorganized by all my organizational accessories, but other people walk into my house & are astounded at how organized I am. It's all a matter of perspective: I think I could be more organized & less cluttered; some people want me to clean their house for them. 

I recently treated myself to a Filofax. This was one of my rewards for weight loss & it's actually something I genuinely needed. There is nothing like working two jobs that makes you realize you need a good calendar to write commitments down on! I fell in love with the lemon yellow Patent Personal Organizer -- it's smaller than I initially wanted, but I'm starting to realize it's actually perfect. I can pop it in my purse everyday & not worry about it!

Because it's so small, however, I can't keep running to do lists for both my jobs, my personal life, & my blog... so I invested in this mini binder from Target. I'll also share how I'm organizing it! (It's still a work in progress, at the mo!) 

I got rid of the standard Filofax cover page (yaaawn!) and replaced it with this journaling card from the Project Life Travel bundle. I love this quote & I love the photo, so it felt like a good fit! I invested in a cheap, $2 single hole punch from Michael's Craft Store, so I can now hole punch everything for my Filofax! 

This Filofax came with a week on 1 page 2014 planner (plus, a week on two pages for 2015, score!) so I'm using that right now. Initially, I was a bit nervous that I didn't have month calendars... but I think that's actually for the best! These pages let me easily see what's happening week to week. 

I made myself some dividers from scrapbooking paper (cut down to 3.75x6.75) and some index tabs I've been hoarding from my Scratch scrapbook for months. I just glued them on, folded them over, and wrote the month on. 

I also received a set of six dividers with my Filofax: I devoted a sheet of paper to labeling them (in case I want to change anything). This is the general breakdown of my Filofax. Nothing fancy! A place for lists, a place for notes, a place for my blog calendar, and a place to keep a written account of my various schedules. 

I made myself some inserts using Pages. I created a text box that was 3.75x6.75, added a margin of 1/2 inch, & then added what I wanted! I have an Editorial Calendar, a Blog Posts list, and a Weekly Schedule insert. 

Now, my mini binder! Right now, this will be where I keep my to do lists & running lists (things to do for my various jobs, things to schedule, things to remember, meeting notes, etc.), as well as an notes or musings. 

The tabs & note paper are both from Target -- they were under $3.00 each. I have a tab for general to do lists, both of my jobs, my blog, & miscellaneous (which will include passwords, info to remember, etc.) I'll be using washi tape to designate specific lists & special events, just like in my Filofax. 

They work best in conjunction, really! 

It feels so good to be organized! I'm a bit of a stickler for having everything in order & very specific. Do you have a specific way you stay organized? If you use a Filofax, or a similar system, what do you like about it? 

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