Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Forever 21 Nail Charms

Forever 21 is really hit or miss with their beauty products. You can get a huge palette of eye shadow for $5, but most of the colors will be muddy and poorly pigmented. You can get six nail polishes for $3, but their formulas are spotty, their colors dull, and their shine non-existent. That’s the beauty (er, or lack thereof) of Forever 21: the stuff is cheap, but really, you get what you pay for.

About two years ago, Forever 21 had nail stickers: some of the styles went on amazing; the others went on really bad and looked awful. Like I said, it's a guessing game.

A few weeks ago, I ordered a new skirt for work from Forever 21 and while browsing the site, came across two sets of nail charms, both candy-themed. They were less than $2 each, so I added them to my cart. I love nail charms because they are an easy and cheap way to add a little decoration.

When they arrived, I immediately set to applying a few to my nails. I tested a few charms to see if they were flexible -- it’s nice if a charm bends to adhere to your nail. These seemed really flexible: I could bend them to a nice curved shape with my fingers and with tweezers. However, I noticed immediately they didn’t stay curved. Well, that could be ok if they adhere to the nail and dry curved; it just depends on how heavy the material is.

I applied one of the small bows to my nail and pressed it down to a curve. It immediately popped up to be straight across again. “Ok,” I told myself. “As long as I top it with a lot of top coat, they won’t get ripped off and damage my nails.” I applied my Seche Vite (link) top coat and kept applying charms. 

After they dried, I noticed something also very unfortunate: the charms, after drying under top coat, seemed to curve upwards at the edges. As in, the opposite direction of the nails. I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time staring at my nails at various angles, trying to decide if they charms really did develop a lip that makes them more likely to catch. 

I’ve concluded that they have. 

That’s a really weird aspect to a charm. They are plastic and very flexible, but not malleable enough to stay curved in the direction of the nail: they are too thick and heavy for that. However, they seem to warp under top coat a little bit, curling up at the edges. That’s.... very unfortunate. 

That being said, however, I didn’t have a problem with these coming off, potentially because I use Seche Vite. It was annoying sometimes to have them get caught on things and I found the curling quite distracting in terms of the look of my nails, but they are quite cute otherwise. They are so affordable though, so I’d definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for cheaper nail charms. Also, I suspect that if you have a larger nail bed (my nails are quite small, even when long), these charms might work a little better.

One side now: the texture of these charms is a little odd. They are definitely plastic, but something about them feels like they are made of sugar (like the sugar roses you get on cakes sometimes). They feel very porous & I wonder if that is what causes the warping! 

Have you tried these nail charms? What did you think? 

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