Friday, June 27, 2014

Fitness Friday: 10 pound Reward!

Remember how I posted a few weeks ago about my weight loss rewards?

I’m really excited to tell you that I reached 10 lbs weight loss last week!

Yay me! I have to say, it is really rough. Some weeks, I lock right into eating well and working out. For one week, I woke up at 5:30am and went running! It was pretty exciting. And then some weeks, it’s just a slog. Last week, I just wanted chips -- I can’t even tell you why! I just wanted them! So I got myself some. It wasn’t good, but sometimes, you just need a few chips, you know.

I am so excited that I’ve lost 10 pounds. I can really sense a change in my body and Weight Watchers is getting easier to follow. I won’t be renewing my subscription after the first three months are up (that’s all I paid through!) but I will still use the program -- I bought a calculator and points notebook to keep track now! 

Originally, I wanted my 10 pound weight loss reward to be a primer from Laura Gellar. I still want that primer, but I mostly really wanted to try some new products for summer. While I was in Sephora picking up a new eyeliner last week, I decided that my treat would be the Sephora Summer Stash bag! It’s a $107 value that normally costs $42 -- but it was on sale for $25. Sales are pretty rare for Sephora, so I knew it was a good deal.

I love this bag! The little make up bag is adorable -- it’s a nice canvas with a cute, gold chevron pattern. Really good for carrying around in your purse! The canvas is really durable and even after a few months (when it gets a little faded or grubby from bouncing around inside a gym bag or purse), it will look cute.

This is everything it comes with! Quite a few products, really! For $25, it’s a huge steal -- it’s a great chance to try out some things I normally wouldn’t pick up. There is also something indulgent about getting so many products for the normal price of one -- maybe that sounds silly, but it’s true, right?

Make Up Forever Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Aqua Eyes.

I’m so excited about this eyeliner! I still have a soft spot for pencil eyeliners, especially colored ones -- I was all about them in high school! I’m excited to use this one to add a little bit of color & fun to my usual black eyeliner that I wear everyday. It’s a gorgeous blue-teal color.

♥ Stila Cosmetics Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow in Kitten.

This eyeshadow is very different from what I thought it would be! When I opened it up, I thought it would be a baked eyeshadow -- sort of a powdery texture. I touched it and it feels like a sponge! It’s a sort of gel-cream mixture that goes on really smooth and has incredible staying power. It is very sparkly though, so it’s not for everyday wear, but it is very pretty.

♥ NARS Travel Size Laguna Bronzing Powder

I think I was most excited by a NARS product in here! I always want to try NARS products but... they’re so expensive! And they are so hyped up! I always find myself disappointed by the hype around Benefit products, so I find myself really avoiding stuff that is hyped up. However, I really love this bronzing powder -- it’s a little dark for my skin, but it’s very blendable and gives a nice sun-kissed look. Really great for summer and different from what I normally wear! I love the neutral, sunny look it gives my day-to-day make up look. 

♥ Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer in Mermaid’s Dream

(Excuse my cuticles in this photo -- I took it before I cleaned up!) I have never bought Deborah Lippmann nail polish, so I was excited to try this. I really like the color -- it’s quite pretty, sort of a minty-pearlescent blue with some teal glitters. However, after three coats, it was still really sheer! I really like my polishes to be opaque -- I’m not a sheer polish girl! However, it was really pretty, so I can’t fault it, just not my favorite polish. There isn't something a little juvenile about it, so I might just use it for my toenails this summer.

♥ Obsessive Compulsive cosmetics Stained Gloss in New Wave (with tiny make up brush) 

I love lipstick. I love lip gloss. And this lip gloss was definitely fun -- it’s a bright, hot pink watermelon color. Really popular for summer. I really like it, but it’s not really a color I want to wear everyday -- I prefer my go to red (“Poppy” by Aveda) and nude (“Naked” by Urban Decay) 

♥ Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Opal

This is something I’ve never heard of and I’m excited to try! It’s a highlighter and moisturizer that “veils skin in a soft, pearlized glow.” Well, can’t say no to that! My first impression was that it’s a little dark for my skin top -- at least on my hand! But it blends really well into my face. I’ve worn it under my make up everyday and it makes such a nice base for my foundation & just adds a good bit of summer glow!

♥ Urban Decay All Nighter Make Up Setting Spray

(Not picture) I’m not usually a fan of setting sprays, but I’ve had this UD one used on me before and I love it. I’m excited to have my own wee bottle of it to use on really hot days (and days where I am feeling oily). After a few days of using this, I think it's definitely more effective for me than primer -- primer just adds another layer that can make my oily skin worse. But this setting spray kept my make up on tight. The only issue I found was that when I sprayed it on, it often made my mascara run a bit -- so spray and then mascara is the best! 

I'm so happy to have this little reward to keep me on track! It can be so hard to stay motivated, but each day I use these little treats, I remember why I'm doing what I'm doing.

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