Monday, May 19, 2014

Soft Romance: I Love Dusty Pink & Dark Red

When I was younger, I firmly believed that you should never wear pink and red together. They were too similar, but too different. As I got older, that belief stuck: I never mixed my reds and my pinks. It just seemed like one of those rules that you aren't supposed to break, like mixing brown and black, or navy and black. 

However, during a recent #fbloggers chat, another blogger pointed out the how beautiful dusty pink and dark red look together. It got me thinking... that's a trend I'd like to see. It's romantic; it's soft; but it's also striking. 

For details, see here

There is just something very romantic about these two colors together. I think part of the appeal is they are two colors that I've been told "don't go together" -- and yet, here they are in their beautiful, bright glory! The look is a little bit retro -- it reminds me of vintage floral print fabrics with the gorgeous, saturated reds and muted pinks.

I like this look best with a red base -- a red skirt or a red dress -- and pink accents, like a pink satchel or jacket. It can definitely veer a little cutesy and childish (and perhaps a little costume-y), but isn't that the fun part of fashion?

I don't own a lot of red pieces -- in fact, I have two red dresses, neither of which I love -- nor do I own a lot of pink clothing. My summer wishlist is definitely going to include a bit of both, in the hopes of mixing for a sweet, romantic summer look.

What do you think of red & pink? Do you love it as much as I do?

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  1. I like pink so much! I've liked it since I was a little. Love the beanie!



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