Friday, May 23, 2014

Fitness Friday: Setting Weight Loss Rewards

For as long as I can remember, I always rewarded myself with food.

Big accomplishment? Food. Feeling happy? Food. Meet a goal? Food.

I have a bad habit of falling back on food to validate, celebrate, and enjoy. It’s taken me a long time to realize there are other ways to treat myself, to reward myself, to celebrate: there are other ways to truly feel accomplished and whole. Food doesn’t do that. The accomplishment should be enough. 

It’s nice to have a little motivation, though. 

As I mentioned, I joined Weight Watchers three weeks ago. (LINK) I’ve done really well the past few weeks, losing about five pounds. I’m now out of what I call “the worst place” -- there for a while, I was far above the “overweight” line for my height, a place I’d never been before. The weight I’m at right now isn’t comfortable for me; it’s what I weighed my freshman year of college, a year of stress and upheaval, but it’s less than three weeks ago and that’s good. 

I’ve set a few weight loss goals for myself, little ways to keep myself motivated when it’s 9am and I’m craving chips or a chocolate chip cookie in a mug. I thought I’d share them with you. 

5 lbs = Filofax

With two jobs, I need something to keep me organized. I have a planner, but I don’t really like its layout and I need a place to keep notes for each separate job, plus running to do lists for my jobs, blog, freelance writing, and life. The less I have to carry around with me, the better, especially considering most days I’m toting around two laptops in two different bags and two different legal pads and sets of file folders, plus my gym clothes, lunch, and coffee cup. If I can have a place to keep my schedule, keep track of meetings and notes and deadlines, and where I can list everything I have to do for both jobs, it’s better for me. 

I have wanted a Filofax for a long time. I love this new pastel yellow one. It’s the perfect size to fit in my purse (no extra bulky thing to carry around) and it comes with planner pages, note paper, dividers, and plenty of accessories to keep me organized. At $29.99 this is the perfect reward to celebrate getting below the “overweight” line, a huge achievement. 

Note: I drafted this post on Saturday. On Wednesday, I weighed in and had hit my first goal! This gorgeous yellow darling is on its way to me right this second!

10 lbs = Primer

A few weeks ago, I reviewed this primer and loved it. After a few days wear, the greasiness actually got better (I think that was more my skin than the primer) and it definitely kept my make up on all day. As a girl with oily skin, the fact that this primer wasn't too slick is a huge plus, but at $30.00 for a bottle, it's definitely a splurge. Delayed gratification will keep me determined to keep eating right and losing weight. Every time I want to eat a whole loaf of bread right before bed... I'll think of this treat! 

15 lbs = Heart Rate Monitor

I’ve wanted a heart rate monitor for my work outs for ages -- being able to accurately know how many calories I’ve burned will be really helpful. It’s a big purchase though. I would like to get back into running, but with my body where it is, I can’t go for very long without giving myself shin splints. A HRM will be a good motivator to lose to the point where I can run comfortably again. For now, I’m sticking with biking, the stairstepper machine, and lifting weights, as well as working on strengthening the muscles in my legs!

20 lbs = a ModCloth dress

I love ModCloth. Rarely ever, however, can I justify the expense of buying, well, anything from them. Their dresses are cute, but realistically, overpriced for their quality and best kept to special occasion purchases or good sales. 

My reward to getting back to my most comfortable weight will be a new dress from ModCloth -- a really special treat for a special day with Danny or, who knows, maybe just myself!

25 lbs = a shopping trip to Portland

Losing 25 lbs isn’t necessary. To get back to my weight where I was more comfortable and confident, I only need to lose 20 -- but 25 would be nice. The extra five pounds is purely vanity, so my last reward is purely just for fun as well. Nothing I really want, nothing specific, nothing I need. Just a day for myself.

There they are! My rewards. I’m really excited to see where I am two months from now. I’ve already drastically altered my eating habits in three weeks. Soon, I’m hoping to add more exercise (starting two new jobs has made that ... difficult!) and to increase my activity level as well. 

I’ll be updating on my weight loss journey every few weeks. Until then, wish me luck! 

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  1. This is such a good idea to have rewards in things you really want as opposed to food. I think I may try something similar as I'm pretty guilty of the food reward thing too! xx


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