Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Benefit's Hello Flawless Custom Powder Cover-Up

While visiting Idaho, I picked up a new powder. I've been scraping out the last bits of a cheap Covergirl compact (which lasted all of a month!) and have been anxious to try something a little more high quality. For years, I've used Covergirl loose powder -- but the line I like was discontinued in favor of a new line that's lightest shade is the basically color of nacho cheese. (Thanks, Covergirl!) I've been struggling without a go-to powder.

I have tried the Hello Flawless primer -- and while it works well for some people, in general, primers and I do not get along. The materials used to make them are just too slick for my skin type... and most people with oily skin, actually. I do like the Hello Flawless line and I have to say, I am a sucker for the packaging.

I picked out Hello Flawless Customer Powder Cover-Up in "I love you" Ivory. What a weird skin tone name, but ok! The color matched my wrist perfectly so I was really excited to use it.

Firstly, I found in combination with my Hello Flawless primer (an experiment I decided to partake in), my make up actually stayed put really well. I was not expecting that, to be honest! The color was good and the coverage really good. It didn't leave my skin looking or feeling too "powdery" -- I didn't have to blend as much as I normally do with powders! It stayed on. My only issues was, with the brush provided and my regular brush, there is a lot of product loss. The powder doesn't stay put on the brush and flies everywhere. I've never noticed other powders doing this! 

The product also came with a wee sponge. I usually don't use the sponges that come with make up -- sponges are great places to store bacteria and as someone with acne-prone skin, I try not to sabotage myself like that! However, I've found with this compact that I need the sponge to cover some areas -- like blemishes or redness -- and then brush on the rest of the face, blending those areas. I actually quite like that method. It felt like I got a lot better coverage and it set my make up really well.

All in all, I'm really happy with this product. However, I cannot see myself repurchasing! I'd really like to find a good, loose powder. I looked at some in Ulta, but the colors all tend to skew very... dark. The ivory tones were all orange and dark! It seemed so strange. The hunt continues. 

Have you ever used Hello Flawless powder? What did you think?

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