Monday, May 12, 2014

Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation

Last week, I ordered a bottle of Seche Vite from Ulta (which I'll be reviewing this week as well). I received a sample of Benefit's Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Foundation. I use Benefit's Hello Flawless Custom Cover-Up Powder, as well as Hello Flawless primer occasionally, so I was interested to see how the line's foundation held up. 

I love foundation samples except rarely ever do they include a sample that is even close to my skin tone! However, a huge part of foundation is how it makes your skin feel and how it wears -- way beyond the color. 

My two color samples were I'm So Money Honey and I'm All the Rage Beige -- both too dark for my skin tone. However, the Honey color wasn't too far from my skin tone -- a bit darker, but the right undertone. 

I used it on my cheek and jaw on the right side of my face, over a bit of Hello Flawless primer. I wore it for about six hours after work. It felt really good on my skin -- not too heavy, but really nice coverage -- and it had a lot of staying power combined with the primer and topped with the Hello Flawless powder. It also washed off really cleanly. I've noticed that some foundation lately has been difficult to wash off, especially with primer, so this is really important to me, as someone with problematic and sensitive skin! 

I think the next time I need a new foundation, I might try out the Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Foundation in my correct shade (I think it'd be the I Love Me Ivory, like the powder). It has a great feel on my skin, applies very smoothly, and seems to allow my skin to breathe. 

Have you tried the Hello Flawless foundation? What did you think? 

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