Thursday, April 3, 2014

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

About two weeks ago, I started to run out of my foundation. I used Tarte's Amazonian Clay foundation for about 4 months and while I liked it, my skin had been increasingly dry and flaky. I was pretty sure this wasn't caused by my foundation, but the texture of the Tarte foundation didn't seem to help. To look really good, I felt like Tarte's foundation requires skin at a perfect equilibrium -- something my skin achieves maybe two days out of the year. And never in a row. 

At Sephora, I decided to try Urban Decay's Naked Skin foundation. About six months ago, I attended an Urban Decay event and had it used on me. I quite liked it, although I think the stylist who did my make up mixed shades on me! After a few tests, I decided to go with shade 01 -- it's the lightest shade with a slightly yellow undertone. 

I think everyone has struggles with foundation. It's so hard to distill the variety of human skin colors down to a 10-15 shades. I mean, really. There are billions of humans. Take a random sampling of any ethnic group and none of them would have the exact same skin color. 

My struggle is this: I have very, very pale skin, but with yellow, not pink, undertones. Almost all ivory shades of foundation have pink undertones, because that's the most common undertone for very, very pale skin. If you get freckles, you undoubtedly have a bit of a yellow undertone, rather than pink (although, not necessarily). 

I originally started by Tarte's Amazonian Clay because they have a variety of fair and ivory shades -- including ivory with both pink and yellow undertones. I used "Fair Beige." But, as I said, while the color was spot on, the texture did not really work for me!

After a few weeks of using UD's Naked Skin, I've found that the texture of my skin has improved -- although, that may be form upping my exfoliation and moisturizing game, plus drinking more water! -- and that my break outs have definitely decreased. It does not cover break outs as well as my previous foundation, but it does blend really nicely and doesn't go out quite as thick, either. It's definitely a good trade off! 

The good thing about UD's Naked Skin is that is more of a sheer coverage foundation. Tarte's Amazonian Clay is definitely full coverage: it's for covering things up, not necessarily just evening your skin's tone or overall appearance. When it comes to my skin, it's definitely a guessing game as to which one matters more to me! As someone who gets frequent acne break outs, I often walk between needing to cover them up (to look, you know, decent) and needing them to breathe (so, you know, my pores don't clog up into more break outs!). I wish there was a foundation that did both, but that's something that just hasn't happened yet. 

With UD's Naked Skin, I definitely feel like my skin is able to breathe a bit more and it doesn't get as dry and tight (as it sometimes did with Tarte's foundation). It also blends incredibly well, so I feel like I don't need to use as much foundation as I did before. It feels a lot better to put something light and liquid on my skin, instead of something heavy and cake-y! 

UD's Naked Skin also claims to improve your skin's appearance. I haven't been using it long enough to really notice yet, but in the past month, I've been having the worst skin of my life. A combination of stress, not washing my face enough (when I work from home, I find that I tend to be a lot less vigilant about this!), and a bit of a hormonal imbalance have left my skin completely wrecked. I don't think I've had acne break outs this bad in years, but if this foundation helps at all, hey, that's awesome! 

Has anyone else tried Urban Decay's Naked Skin foundation? What did you think of it? What make you want to try it? 

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