Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Time Flies

Sometimes, it really feels like time is slipping away from me. I don't consider a year or two a very long time. I recently found a picture of Remus from when he was a puppy. If anything demonstrates the passage of time, it's how fast a puppy turns into a dog. Look at that little face! And those chubby little legs! It's funny to me that he still lies down like that. 

I mean, look at him now! He weighs in at a (slightly chubby) 71 pounds. He comes up to about my knees. I cannot believe how big he has gotten (or, really, how small he used to be). Mostly, though, I cannot believe it's been a year and a half since he came into my life. He's been the most important part of my life in the past year or so (besides, you know, getting married). It's scary, and a lot of responsibility, to have this other life depending on me. He depends on me to eat everyday, to exercise, to go to the bathroom. It's a lot to take care of! 

When he's sick, it's me who he wants to comfort him. When he's happy, it's me who he wants to jump on. On Easter, he got stung by a bee on his paw... and I was the one he looked at sadly. I was also the one that hid a Benedryl in his kibble and who he leaned on as he got loopy-sleepy. 

I never thought of someone who handled responsibility well. I tend to, well, cave a bit. But the fact that I've successfully kept Remus happy, healthy, and cute for the past year and a half... is seriously impressive to me. I can't believe how much he's changed or how much I've changed. 

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  1. Aww Remus!! I feel like I've learned a lot about parenting taking care of Zamboni. I love being a mommy to a fur baby.

    ~ Sarah


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