Monday, April 21, 2014

Sephora's Triple Action Cleansing Water

Traditional make up removers and I don't get along. My skin is very oily and/or very dry. It's almost never anywhere in the middle. Traditional make up removers tend to include an oil -- which doesn't work with my skin when it's very oily. As well, the other components of make up removers tend to make my dry skin worse. It's really frustrating, especially when I wear eyeliner and need something to get it off! 

I've settled for using Almay's Oil-free Make Up Remover, but I found it really abrasive and I didn't exactly love it. While in Sephora a little over a week ago, a sales associate recommended this cleansing water. She said it was very gentle and very healthy for skin -- it is paraben free, which I especially love! Sephora's Triple Action Cleansing Water is a no-rinse cleanser with a texture ideal for delicate skin -- mostly, however, it's a make up remover. 

I used it that night to take off my make up -- including my winged eyeliner. It did a really good job, although I definitely needed more than it suggested I would! It didn't leave a residue on my skin as most make up removers do and it smelled really good without being oily. At the time, I was experiencing an allergic reaction on my face because of hayfever. It's always a test of a product to see if it makes my allergic reactions worse or better. The good: it did not make my face sting or get any redder or puffier. And trust me, my face was red and raw! By the end of the day, my face actually felt better after using this product. I think it's because it cleaned off a lot of the pollen that sticks to my skin from being out and about. Which is awesome. 

The best part about this make up remover... is that it's only $12. Ok, most versions are around $5-6 at the drug store, but since most of them include oil (or at least, something that still separates and seems to bother my skin), I find it a good trade off. I like that this has actually improved my skin and helped with my allergies, as well as removing my most stubborn make up (ahem, eyeliner!). 

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