Monday, April 28, 2014

Road Trip Snack Essentials

Over the weekend, Danny and I took a road trip to Idaho to see his family, as well as to attend Founder's Day for Danny's fraternity. Driving to Idaho takes about 8 to 9 hours, which can be quite boring for the person who isn't driving. Plus, 8 hours encompasses multiple meals, but since you're just sitting in a car, it's hard to justify eating fast food or anything heavy. 

I'm big on taking lots of healthy and healthy-ish things to snack on, as well as pre-made meals. Here's what I packed for our road trip: 

A big smoothie (in the blue bottle). I blend up a two big handfuls of spinach, Greek yogurt, pineapple juice, frozen berries, banana, Emergen-C, and a few carrots. This is my typical daily smoothie and I usually split it into two servings (morning and afternoon). This is enough for Danny and I to split during the drive. 

BLTAs for lunch. BLTAs are easy to make, include relatively cheap, simple ingredients, and are easy to eat. Plus, they stay a little better than, say, tuna salad. I used whole wheat bread, thick cut bacon, lots of lettuce, spinach, and tomato, and avocado blended with a little mayonnaise. I wrapped them up in tin foil and then put them in a plastic bag. They'll go in the cooler so the lettuce and tomato stays crisp! 

Carrots and hummus. I have a HUGE bag of carrots in my fridge, so I peeled and cut up about 10 of them to take with us. We have a big tub of roasted red pepper hummus, so I'm bringing a container of that. The carrots will help with our cravings to just munch on something, anything during the drive. 

Grapes are my favorite fruit. We have a few left from a big package of them that I got last week and I didn't want them to spoil. I'm bringing them, along with some apples and bananas. There is nothing worse than getting home to a bowl of fruit covered in flies. 

Tortilla chips are my weakness, so I'm bringing them for a treat, as well as a bag of Chex Mix. When I go on road trips, I always want something crunchy and salty. It's a road trip, so why not indulge!

Water. I'm currently getting over a cold, but on Thursday evening, my throat still hurt, my nose was plugged up, and all my joints ached. I packed two huge bottles of ice water into the fridge and brought them along. It meant I had to go to the bathroom every little bit, but I had to stay hydrated! Plus, having lots of water on hand is important for Remus -- he tends to get anxious in the car and therefore, overheated. 

Other essentials I have to have: ♥ Hand sanitizer (those rest stops are nasty); ♥ Paper towels for messes; ♥ Kleenex; ♥ A blanket for Remus, plus a few of his toys and a chewie; ♥ A book; ♥ and good music!

What are your road trip essentials? 

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  1. Whenever you have children, you will SO be prepared for all the snacks and things to bring around with them all the time haha, that is an impressive array of things to bring on a long road trip. I really could learn from you... I'm that person who brings an apple for a 5 hour road trip and then caves halfway and buys crappy fast food.


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