Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My First Spring Break in Two Years

The last time I had a Spring Break week, it was March 2011. Working full time definitely has its downsides, one of them being if you come from a family of mostly educators, you tend to miss out on having a Spring Break. 

Last week, Danny's family visited us from Idaho. His brother arrived first on Saturday with his fiance, Amy. His parents and little brother and his girlfriend arrived a little later that day. We enjoyed a dinner out to our favorite Mexican restaurant, as well as margaritas. Danny's two brothers and their girlfriends stayed at our house, so we had quite the packed place for a week! 

We spent most of the week just hanging out, watching movies, eating yummy food, and enjoying being together. With all of his family in Idaho, I know Danny and I have to kind of get all of our family time in at once! We did make a special trip to the Oregon coast... seriously, right at the start of a storm, post beautiful spring weather. 

My favorite parts of this spring break were: painting Amy's nails (twice!); making macaroni and cheese post coast trip (I think I perfected my cheese-to-noodle ratio, and by that I mean, double the cheese, half the noodle); and getting to brag about Remus pretty much constantly. I mean, look at his cuteness! 

I hope you've all been having a wonderful March. I have some exciting news coming tomorrow! 

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  1. I'm a teacher and I get all the same vacations as the students. Stinks cause everything is so expensive at that time :(
    Those nails are so pretty! So nice to have a break! I realize this post is from March so maybe you already had spring break. Haha but if it hasn't happened yet-enjoy!!!


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