Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Nail Polish for Spring 2014

I love nail polish. I'm also a nail stamping addict. Doing my nails is a huge part of my week -- although I usually end up redoing them a few times! As long as I keep my nails painted, I tend to chew on them a lot less... although it's no guarantee. 

These are the polishes I'm feeling the most for this Spring. Of course, I know I'm going to change my mind or buy a new polish that kicks all of these to the curb -- but these are the polishes I've ben using the most lately!

On A Silver Platter -- Essie. I looove this polish. It's in a sheer-pearlescent base and includes silver and dark blue glitter. It's gorgeous on its own, but also works really well for glitter gradients. It adds the perfect amount of shimmer and shine without being over-the-top glittery. 

Parka Perfect -- Essie. This polish was in the winter collection from Essie -- but I think it's a perfect gray-blue for everyday! It's not too minty and not too "baby blue". It's just right. It also pairs really well with a variety of glitter, including On A Silver Platter! 

Mermaid's Tail -- Sally Henson Salon Manicure. This polish... I love it! But it's sooo messy! It is navy blue, teal, and silver glitter in a sheer-navy base. One coat looks hideous. Two coats is getting there. Three coats creates the perfect base with a TON of glitter. I usually put it over a coat of dark blue polish... but I still add more coats for more glitter! It looks exactly like a mermaid's tail would look. It's gorgeous. 

Hunter -- Zoya. I love this polish. It is super opaque with one coat and a wonderful forest green color. It also does not stain, which is a plus in my book, and fills in any ridges or damage to your nails. It's a great subdued color for Spring. 

Minka -- Zoya. I've been hunting for a good nude polish for a while now. I've tried a few and they all tend to be too pinky or too dark for my skin tone. This one is perfect. It's the exact nude color of my nails, which means it makes them look super natural and beautiful. As with any Zoya polish, it's a fantastic formula, goes on very smooth, and is great for your nails. 

Russian Navy -- OPI. I think this has been discontinued, but Danny got me this for my birthday last October. No picture of this polish does it justice because, well, it's not purple (like it looks in the bottle). It's a very, very, very dark navy with red micro-glitter (sort of a red shimmer), so it looks purple. But it goes on dark navy. It is perfect for when you want dark nails, but aren't feeling goth enough to go black. Plus, it looks magnificent in the sunlight -- purple, blue, and red all over!

What polish will you be rocking this Spring?

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  1. ooo great nail polishes, i love greens and neutral colours!


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