Monday, March 31, 2014

Mascara Struggles: Rimmel London Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara

Back in December, I received the Holly Jolly Box from Influenster. At the time, I worked really hard to review everything I received from it on Influenster, because I find it a very valuable resource in terms of consolidating reviews and opinions about products I already use. 

I received an email from Influenster a week or so ago saying I had qualified for the Rimmel London badge and to celebrate, I would receive a free mascara in the mail. It was really exciting! 

Normally, I wouldn't describe myself as a mascara aficionado. I have naturally decent eyelashes -- they are quite long and quite dark, so I don't need any help on that front. The problem I do struggle with is adding some fullness to my lashes -- they're long, but quite thin. It's hard to find mascara that adds volume, instead of just length, without clumping. 

I've tried They're Real! by Benefit. I bought a small sample tube (thank goodness) and found that I didn't like the texture of it on my lashes; it seemed to clump horribly and felt very waxy. It also flaked off and it seemed to make my eyelashes fall out more than normal. Definitely, do not want! 

At Sephora, a sales associate recommended I try Buxom Lash by Buxom.  It promises to add volume to your lashes. I bought a tube and used it faithfully for months. Well, it's a good mascara. In fact, it's a really good mascara! It added a little bit of fullness and a little bit of length. It was great. But for $19.00 for a tube, I felt like it should be spectacular, you know? I'm a girl who likes to get the most bang for her buck and $19.00 for a little bit of volume didn't seem that great to me. I kept using it though, because I hate just replacing things over and over again. I might as well take it to the end! 

As my tube of Buxom Lash got emptier and emptier, I started wondering what to try next. Because of my current freelance-only working situation, I want to make sure I don't spend money needlessly. I thought about switching back to my high school favorite, Maybelline in the hot-pink-and-green tube, because it's a drug store brand, cheap, and I know it's at least decent. 

However, when I received this mascara in the mail, I was excited (because I wouldn't have to buy a new mascara). I've always liked Rimmel London's products and their Scandaleyes collection is great for girls on a budget. (The Scandaleyes Gel Eyeliner is amazing! Dark and super easy to use for newbies to wearing eyeliner.)

Here's the bottom line on this mascara: it's a pretty basic drugstore mascara. 

The eye on the left is with mascara. The eye on the right is my natural lashes without. Definitely, this mascara adds good length -- my eyelashes on the left definitely look longer. They don't really look fuller though, which I think any mascara calling itself "retro glam" should do! Retro glam lashes are really all about volume. As well, I found this mascara clumps pretty badly; my lashes on the left are afflicted with that spider lash look. Not my favorite, but then, I didn't spend a lot of time applying it, nor did I follow it up with a little brushing as I normally do. 

All that being said, it is a good mascara if you're on a budget. It goes on quite nicely and is quite dark, which is very nice. With a little bit of work, it could definitely contribute to great lashes, it's just not necessarily what I'm looking for at this moment! Oh well, in three months, I can try something new. 

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