Thursday, February 6, 2014

Red Velvet Donuts

I love red velvet. My wedding cake was red velvet cake, in case you were wondering. It's the perfect butter cake meets chocolate cake meets perfect color. I also love that red velvet is sort of the cake of Valentine's Day -- it combines the color red and the sweetness of chocolate in a really great way. It's better than a box of chocolates, in my opinion. Also, in a month like February (in this long stretch between Christmas and Spring), it's nice to have something yummy and pretty to eat. 

These red velvet donuts were made using this recipe. They are perfectly cakey and sweet. I modified the recipe a bit -- I used 2% milk instead of buttermilk (mainly because I lack the lemons to make sour milk in replacement) and I used half-and-half in the glaze instead of milk. I also used a good handful of chocolate chips instead of baking chocolate (because I don't usually keep baking chocolate on hand). They still came out great. As a word of caution: definitely do not overfill the donut pan! My first batch of donuts came out humongous!  

I made these donuts after watching Donut Wars on Food Network. What a weird concept for a show, but, hey, it made me want donuts! 

As well, it has been snowing all day. My dad ended up driving me home from work. Being snowed in always makes me want to bake something or cook something really comforting and yummy. Donuts definitely fit that description! Danny's already eaten two of these, so I'm glad I didn't make too many of them. Hopefully, the snow will start to melt tomorrow. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday -- TGIF!  


  1. Nice! I've never made donuts before, but I'm not a big donut eater. These are really cute :)

    1. I definitely prefer cake donuts to regular donuts (like you buy in shops). They are just kind of like funny shaped cupcakes with thinner frosting!!


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