Thursday, February 27, 2014

Getting Ready for #30Lists

A few days ago, I lamented on Instagram that, because of leaving my job, I couldn't afford to register for #30lists -- something I've been looking forward to for ages. Thanks to the extreme kindness of Cameron from Krug the Thinker, I am registered for #30lists! 

You know how sometimes you meet people who completely stun you and amaze you with their capacity for small acts of kindness? Cameron is one of those people for me! Growing up in Catholic school, we had classroom goals of "random acts of kindness" everyday, but some of them seemed so hokey -- giving a compliment, pushing in a chair, holding open the door... When Cameron offered to pay the $10 registration for #30lists for me, it made me realize what true random acts of kindness is. She's never even met me, but she wanted to give me a gift, just because. I fully intend on paying this kindness forward! Let's all be a little more generous. 

Now that I am officially registered for #30lists, I've been getting my notebook ready. I just used an old, plain lined notebook I've had floating around. I covered the front with scrapbooking paper and have been using strips of paper and some old number paper to make each page. I'm really excited for how it's turning out... I can't wait to share each page during March on Instagram. 

The best part about #30lists for me this year is it will give me something positive to focus on during the month. February, as usual, has been a hard, stressful month for me, but I'm starting to see the bright side of everything I've been through. I'm hoping that #30lists for the month of March gives me a bit more of that! 

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  1. Your notebook looks great! Of course, I was so happy to do it--you would not believe the kind things others have done for me. I'm glad to keep it in circulation!


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