Monday, February 10, 2014

Fing'rs Stamp It Nail Art Kit

I love nail stamping. I am not great at drawing and so anything to help me improve my nail art game, without having to develop freehand drawing skills I know I lack, is really exciting. Nail stamping fills that need, for sure. 

As I've mentioned, for Christmas, a coworker gifted me a few Konad stamping plates. For Valentine's Day, I asked Danny for a few sets of stamping plates from Amazon. In the meantime, I had been eyeing this super cheap stamping kit at Wal-Mart. It's by a pretty generic brand, Fing'rs, but I was drawn to the flamingo and key stamps. The other day, I finally broke down and bought it -- for less than $7, it was hard to say no. 

First things first, the nail polish that comes with it is awful. The thing about stamping is you have to use polish that is relatively opaque and thick. This polish is thin and very streaky. If you don't want to fork over $5 plus shipping for a bottle of Konad special stamping polish, I recommend Sinful Colors' Snow in White -- it's perfect for stamping and less than $2 from Wal-Greens. The stamp that comes with this set is actually pretty good -- the scraper is not. The scraper's edge is too soft and actually digs the polish out of the stamp etching. Not good. You can use an old credit card or an old nail file just as easily. 

Let's talk about the stamping plates. Some cheap stamping plates have a reputation for not being etched enough and it means that you can get indistinct (or blobbish) designs. Not cute. However, that isn't the case for these stamping plates. I was really pleasantly surprised at how well they stamp. 

I, of course, used the flamingo first. (Polish in this photo is Lights by Essie, with Konad special stamping polish.) It stamped really well, even the skinny little legs! I also tested out the text stamp (not pictured in the package, so it was a pleasant surprise) and it came out really clear. The quality of these stamping plates is surprisingly good. 

These plates make a really good starting kit for someone interested in stamping. The stamp is good and the plates themselves are great. Plus, the plates have tons of standard designs -- hearts, butterflies, text, an owl, lace, etc. If you want to start stamping without having to shell out a ton of cash for Konad products, this would be a great set to start with. 

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