Friday, January 3, 2014

Why Is It So Hard to Find Knee Length Dresses?

True story: I'm on the hunt for knee-length dresses. Until recently, every job I've worked wasn't too picky about dress length -- as long as we wore leggings or tights underneath our dresses, it was pretty much ok if your skirt was a little, you know, short. That all changed on January 1, when my workplace decided we couldn't wear skirts more than 2 inches above the knee. 

Well -- there went 80% of my closet. 

One thing has become clear on my search though: clothes are expensive and knee length dresses are stupidly hard to find. Check out this search on Macy's website: 

You know what, yeah, that black on in the middle definitely looks knee length. Your knees are the bottoms of your butt cheeks, right? The black and white patterned dress and the purple dress are the only knee length dresses there, but the purple dress has lace cut outs all over (super office appropriate, guys!). I feel like if I search a website like Macy's for "knee length dresses", the results that come up should be, I don't know, knee length dresses or something. 

You know what store has lots of knee length dresses? ModCloth! You know how office appropriate any of their dresses are? Oh, yeah, not at all. The 1940s housewife look is cute, but it does not scream professional. Also, $40 for a dress is kind of my limit. I'd prefer two dresses for $40. Another good place for knee length dresses is Nordstrom, if you're willing and able to cough up $400 for this beauty: 

Who needs to pay their mortgage when you can buy a box-pleated black cotton dress with white piping for $400!?!? 

So, I'm turning it over to you! I've exhausted all my go-to search spots. Where do you buy affordable, knee length for real dresses that are suitable for an office environment? 


  1. I don't work in a professional office anymore, but when I was first interviewing I found a lot of good stuff at the Banana Republic/J. Crew Outlet stores - do you have those in OR? I made sure to go on Black Friday (or some similar sale time) when most of the store was 50% off. It wasn't Forever 21 cheap, but it was cheap enough and most of their stuff lasts a long time. Good luck!!

  2. I would recommend checking Ross/TJ Maxx/Marshall's as well! Their selection can be a little hit or miss/require digging, but I usually see lots of work-appropriate dresses (often designer) at good prices.


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