Thursday, January 2, 2014

Taking Chances

There was one huge, super big, kind of important New Year's Resolution I left off this post. (Ok, there are actually two, but I'm only tell you about one.) My huge, super big, kind of important New Year's Resolution is...

I want to try new things. 

Like, as often as possible. I'll admit it: I totally hate change. I would eat the same thing everyday for a year if I could. I hate changing. I hate moving. I hate airplanes. I hate being out of my comfort zone. It's all so uncomfortable to me.

But... it's also kind of limiting. 

It's totally ok to not be ok with new things. But sometimes, a girl realizes she needs to change, and stop being afraid to change, and to just do new things, even if they are ridiculous and scary and weird and something she's pretty sure she's going to dislike. 

I realized how silly I am in regards to my dislike of change when I realized... I always think fried eggs look delicious on TV. I'm a FoodNetwork junkie, what can I say? But whenever I make Danny breakfast, I refuse to eat fried eggs. Like at all. I refuse to even try them. Even though I think they look kind of tasty. Even though I think I might like them. But I still remember being kind of grossed out by them when I was 5 and all I ate was grilled cheese and Cheerios. (Obviously, I'm so short for a reason.) 

On January 1, I woke up, marched downstairs, and made two fried eggs. One for me and one for Danny (because I want to share more, too). I ate the whole thing. And it was pretty tasty. 

Needless to say, I'm starting to get excited at the idea of trying new things. I refused to try fried eggs, but then I did... and I liked them. Who knows? Maybe I like French dips, red peppers, and trout too. Maybe I like all kinds of foods I've been too picky to try. 

All I'm saying is, I'm glad I'm trying new things. It's been enlightening already. 

How are your Resolutions going so far? 

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  1. OH MY GOSH. French dips are AMAZING.

    1. I'VE NEVER TRIED ONE. I'm missing out, I can totally tell. (BRB finding a French dip to eat.)

  2. Trying new things isn't always fun, but I think it's always rewarding. Flying in a plane is never joyous, and a lot of times things go wrong when I travel...but afterwards I'm always like "that experience made me a better person." I would say it's a different kind of fun. Same thing goes for running or exercising! Man, I hate to work out, but afterwards I always feel so good about myself.

    PS - I drove through Eugene yesterday and thought of you! If it had been any better planned I might have asked if you wanted to do a blogger meetup :)

    1. Oh my gosh, I wish!! You should have! I was at work, although I could have met you at my faaaavorite deli (seriously, it's SO GOOD) haha :) Next time!!


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