Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Can't Stop Stamping My Nails

For Christmas, one of my coworkers got me a nail stamp set. Due to mail problems, I didn't end up getting it until about 2 weeks ago. Needless to say, I cannot stop using it. Whenever I paint my nails, I immediately start asking Danny what I should stamp them with. I only have three plates, but that's a lot of possible combinations, including colors! 

(The colors above are Snow Me White by Sinful Color and Blaze by Zoya. These are my nails right this moment!) 

(Colors are... top: Parka Perfect by Essie stamped with Konad white. Bottom: Minka by Zoya stamped with Hunted by Zoya and including some cheap studs from Wal Greens.) 

The best part about stamping is that it looks really impressive with minimal effort. I think some people get put off by stamping because it seems a bit more complicated than it is. Really, it just takes a bit of time, but once you get the process down it's really simple. The set my coworker gave me included this stamper set, plus two bottles of Konad's nail polish (specially made, aka more opaque, for nail stamping), and four nail stamp plates. There are tons of nail stamp plates available on Amazon for very cheap... I really want the big holiday set with the fair isle pattern!

After my coworker gave me the stamping set, she said she probably should have waited until the weekend because she knew I'd get obsessed! She was kind of right. Also, I had told Danny (in 100% seriousness) that I wasn't going to paint my nails for all of January, so they could grow out and get healthy again. Um, that hasn't happened. 

I love my nail stamp set though! I already have a huge wishlist of plates I want and lots of ideas of color combinations and stamp combinations. 

Have you ever tried nail stamping?! Any tips, must haves, or ideas? 

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