Friday, January 31, 2014

From the Archives: How to Wear Square Scarves

Ages ago, I wrote this post in response to a close friend's question. I thought I'd repost it here on Ellipsis. A coworker recently asked me how to fold square scarves and it seemed even more relevant today. Scarves are a simple, professional, and elegant way to add color and personality. Enjoy! 

Recently, I've been writing about my difficulties deciding what to write about here on Locked Out. I got a bit exhausted of taking outfit photos (I mean, sometimes, I just don't dress that fashionably for days, or weeks, at a time... but that doesn't mean I've given up fashion entirely), so I know I wanted to move towards writing more practical day-to-day articles. Thankfully, I have an amazing group of friends and I received this message on Facebook the other day... 

Dear Michelle,
My grandmother passed away about a year ago, and while we were going through her things, I came across some lovely vintage scarves, which I was allowed to keep. There are scarves of various colors, prints, and materials, but most of them are very large and square shaped. I've only ever had long and narrow scarves, and I don't know how to wear this style properly. Can you share your tips for how to fold/wear these scarves, and what sort of outfits they might go well with? I'd like to wear them occasionally (and gently!) to honor my grandmother's memory.
Your friend,

Well, Jenette, you're in luck. Square scarves are gorgeous -- especially when they're vintage -- and are also incredibly versatile. I've rummaged through enough bins in thrift stores to know that square, vintage scarves are coveted items. I pulled some examples from Nordstrom's website for some examples of how to tie them.

(I included the prices and names just in case anyone was interested in these scarves. If you can even imagine buying a $450 scarf, I want your life... and your money saving secrets.)

This is probably my favorite way to tie square scarves. Fold into a tringle and position the pointed portion over your chest. Loop the edges around your neck and tie in a lose knot on the front again. Pull the scarf to fluff it and rearrange the pieces. It's almost a cowboy look -- very casual and very cool. This type of style would be best paired with jeans and a warm sweater, or a nice sweater dress, cardigan, and boots.

This is another example of the above method, but with a slightly smaller, silk scarf and a lower knot. Still chic, still awesome. I would wear this slightly more reined-in style with a nice dress and nice flats (or low heels) for a slightly fancier day look.

Another nice way to swear square scarves is to, again, fold them into a large triangle and drap the pointed portion over your chest. Then pull the edges back and tie behind your neck. Allow those pieces to flutter over your shoulder for some nice visual interest. I think this is an especially nice look for scarves with delicate prints.

(Burberry scarves are apparently made of gold, you guys!) 

This is another really nice way to wear a square scarf, especially in the early fall, when you can get away with just a nice sweater. They add some color and visual interest. Plus, let's be real, this style makes it appear you are wearing a little cape. Just fold the scarf into a triangle, but this time, tie the scarf in the front, loosely.

Keiko Lynn also has a great method for using square scarves as head wraps! Basically, you fold the scarf into a long, thin piece of fabric and then loop around your head. She ties hers into a flat knot, but if the scarf isn't too long, you can also do a little bow or just two little ears, which I think looks very cute. This is definitely a more casual look, perfect for keeping your ears warm in the brisk early Fall days, while rocking jeans and boots. 

There you have it -- a few tried-and-true ways to wear square scarves. 

How do you wear your square scarves? 

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  1. I picked up quite a few pretty vintage scarves - nothing of a notable name, I just thought they were nice - and now I'm at a bit of a loss how to wear them. This definitely helps a girl out! I shall break one out today and wear it that cowboy way, methinks :) Thanks Michelle!


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