Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Danny and I are (almost) moved into our new house and I'm so glad we were able to celebrate Christmas here! As I write this, I'm sitting in my new office (sans desk...) going through all the pictures I took over the last day and a half. 

Yesterday on Christmas Eve, I worked until noon and then raced home to bake cupcakes, bake pigs-in-a-blanket, and prep for Christmas Eve dinner at our new house! I had invited my mom and dad, and sister and brother-in-law (and nephews) over to celebrate and exchange a few gifts before Christmas. I made beef stew and baked bread to have for dinner. 

I think the best part about Christmas is the traditions -- but also the fact that traditions change! When I was younger, we almost always had Christmas at my parents house... but as I've gotten older, we've had Christmas at my sister's house and, hopefully in the next few years, Danny and I's house! I was excited to have a smaller sort of event the night before -- just a chance to relax and eat yummy food and laugh. 

My mom and dad got Danny and I a new TV. If you notice in the first picture, we were using a teeny tiny TV in our living room! It was fine with me, but Danny's playstation isn't compatible with it and I had been planning to buy him a new one as a surprise. Instead, we got surprised! We now have a nice big TV in our living room to watch movies on. (I'm watching Now & Then right now!) 

After my parents left, Danny and I opened the presents we got for each other -- Danny got me a nice fluffy robe, a polka dotted night gown, a nice pair of gloves for running, socks (because I always need more!), and a set of Burt's Bees stuff (including hand salve, which I desperately needed). I got Danny the Wolverine movie on blu-ray, a projector cable for his computer (to use for teaching), some nice thermal shirts, a nice sweater, a Disney puzzle, and a set of Ninja Turtles Legos. (He loves Legos!) 

We stayed up as late as we could (like, 10 o'clock!) and took the crackers out of our stockings to open. Danny's parents always send us crackers -- it's a tradition in their family! We got a set of screwdrivers, a pair of nail clippers, a shoe horn, and a set of golf tees out of them. I always love the riddles. This is something my family really doesn't do so I look forward to it. 

The next morning, I made us pancakes and bacon for breakfast and then we opened the presents from Danny's parents and our stockings. I got a ton of new Bath & Body Works stuff from Danny's mom -- she always picks the best scents. I'm pretty easy when it comes to scents -- if it's food, I'll probably like it! I also got a pair of sweater socks -- they're like slippers mixed with a turtleneck for your foot. I love them! Danny and I also got some puzzles, Yahtzee, and Boggle from his parents, which we loved. Danny got some more Legos too. In his stocking, I had put candy and a new Moleskine, plus some Sharpie pens, to use for teaching. I drew him some calendars in the Moleskine so he can keep track of his sub dates. 

In my stocking, I had two more pairs of gloves (a black and yellow pair that are actually two pairs of gloves, and a silver sparkly pair that I can use with my iPhone), three new EOS lip balms (my favorite), and a ton of candy. Danny put in six Snickers bars. Clearly he hasn't figured out I'm going to start "juicing" at the New Year! 

After we got cleaned up, we went to my sister's house, where we ate a traditional Christmas dinner and opened a few more presents. Danny is my nephews go-to Legos guy (can you tell he loves Legos!?) and so he helped put together quite a few Lego sets with my brother-in-law, Brian. 

After pie, we decided to head back home to relax. I got cleaned up, took a nice long bubble bath, finished reading the last Harry Potter book, and then settled down to get some writing done. Remus is happily curled up beside me.

We had a great Christmas and I'm so excited for the New Year. We have to finish moving our stuff from our old house this weekend, plus cleaning and touching up paint, but I'm so excited to get everything done. I already feel so much at home in the new house and celebrating Christmas here really solidified that! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! 

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